Mail Service

We offer EMS international Express Mail Service for the products in our webshop for US$ 15 per package additional cost regardless of the destination. For purchases above US$ 200 shipping is provided for free. DHL service is available upon special request.

For every EMS shipping you get a a personal tracking number to trace your order. Orders are sent from Costa Rica and it usually takes 5 to 7 working days for your package to arrive to US destionation and some more days for the rest of the world.

US Customs by Mail

According to the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (, there is no federal law that prohibits internet cigar sales. Internet purchases of under $200 will clear customs immediately without any additional paper work. With these sales we will include the packing slip with your purchase. If over $200, we will not include a packing slip. We will include a card wishing you birthday greetings, Happy Valentine’s Day, or perhaps Merry Christmass.

Naturally, our company has no influence whatsoever on customs regualtions and cannot be held responsible for any extra costs. If issues arise it is ultimately you, the importer, who will be responsible for any duty owed. We will do our best to make sure this does not happen.

Canada, Europe and Other Destinations’ Customs by Mail

According to each national law, customers should be aware that there may be customs duty to be paid on arrival of their order. In many countries, 20 to 50 cigars per shipment are tolerated or accepted duty free however, it is by no mean an international standard. All orders placed for other countries will include indication that it is a gift of books or coffee that is being sent. Again, our company has no influence on customs regualtions and cannot be held responsible for any extra costs.


The cigars have their own packaging. This packaging is fitted into an additional protective package to avoid damage to the fine cigars.

Treatment of the cigars immediately after delivery

The cigars should be stored in a temperature range of 17 – 21 degrees Celsius and at a humidity of 65 – 75 %. We ensure the correct humidity and temperature while the cigars are with us. On the way to the recipient, temperature and humidity fluctuations may occur, which could lead, among other things, to the drying of the cigars. There are ways to avoid this:

– After receiving the cigars freeze them for at least 48 hours. With this method, any larvae of the cigar beetle will also be killed. Importers of habanos freeze their goods before they enter the European market. With direct import (or if you buy cigars as a souvenir for holidays) you should not forget the freezing. When freezing, the cigars should be wrapped well in plastic foil so that no foreign smells from the freezer compartment are transferred to the precious cigars.

– After 48 hours, the cigars should be gently defrosted in the refrigerator, while remaining well wrapped in plastic film. After gentle defrosting (about one day), the cigars are stored another day at room temperature and should then be placed in a controlled humidor or in an air-conditioned wine cellar. As is usual with high-quality cigars, the correct temperature and relative humidity should be carefully maintained.

– Our cigars taste best if you let them age in the humidor for at least another four to six weeks.

Sometimes the cigars are very fresh, so that they do not dry out during shipping. In this case, the taste may be slightly bitter. Slight aging in the humidor is then particularly important. Do not forget to freeze, gently thaw and store at room temperature for one day in advance to the aging process. Some customers tell us that the cigars taste particularly good when they lie outside the humidor for half an hour before enjoying them, to release any excess moisture. When the time comes, sit back and enjoy your special moment with this fantastic natural product. Tell us and your friends about your experience!