Our customers wrote:

Montecristo Edmundo without rings
My husband has finally tried the cigars I gave him for Christmas! He is enthusiastic!!! Never had he smoked so good cigars! Outstanding !!! Delicious in taste! Burning time very good! So just fantastic !!! 🙂 We will order for you at any time …
Agnes W., Fernwald, Germany

Don Javier Mendoza 134 mm, 5.63” x 46 (Punch Punch) format
My first smoke of your cigars. One of the smaller ones. At the shores of lake Geneva. First appraisal:
Nice wrapper, well built, good draw, cold draw has spice.
When smoking: sharp burn line, dense smoke, white ash. The taste is less “green” then I expected. That’s good. Notes of wood and leather, slight notes of grass at the beginning.
Hinrich S, Dully, Switzerland