Who are we?
We are cigar enthusiast from Costa Rica inspiring to present the highest quality cigars available in Central America and gain recognition on the international market for Costa Rican and later other Central American tobacco brands.

Why Costa Rican Tobacco?
Until recently Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras have earned a reputation in the Cigar World, while Costa Rica was only known for its exceptional coffee and agriculture. Beacuse of this exceptional agricultural knowledge and expertise, Costa Rica also produces some of the finest cigars in the world!
The farmers of the Santiago de Puriscal Region in Costa Rica, grow tobacco for our fine cigars in the rich & fertile volcanic highlands at a height of 1100
meters (3500 ft.)

All the labor is done manually. This culture was inherited from the Huetar Indians, who considered the tobacco plant “sacred”.

One of the most important factors for the quality of fine cigars is the process of drying and curing the tobacco leaves.

Our aging process is absolutely natural and, as with excellent wine, it takes our tobacco a minimum of 3 years to come to its full maturity.

Mission Statement
The management and staff of Talamanca Cigars Shop are committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We offer the finest Costa Rican cigars at affordable prices, and inspire to provide products not available anyplace else on the net, such as our own upcoming brand; Talamanca Cigars.